The Performance Arena Podcast

The Performance Arena Podcast

The Performance Arena is an educational podcast sharing all things sports medicine and high performance from all sporting arenas. Available on Apple podcast, Spotify, BuzzSprout, and here on MyTeam246, airs every last Sunday monthly at 7 pm. 


Marita is a Physiotherapist born and living in Barbados with a special interest in sports rehabilitation, women’s sports, and public health and wellness. She has traveled and worked with a number of athletes in a variety of sports; cricket, tennis, football swimming to name a few. Currently, she operates her own private practice in Barbados and travels as a part-time physiotherapist on the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) tour. Marita hopes to share and highlight the behind-the-scenes world of professional sport through this podcast. 

Shane is a Physiatrist (specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) and a sports medicine physician who has treated athletes of all ages and skill levels. Born and raised in Barbados, he is currently based in New York, where he works with high school, collegiate and professional athletes. He teaches medical students and physicians in training and plans to bring those teaching skills to a wider audience in this podcast series.

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