Jayden Gay falls in his 130 kg match

Sports – Wrestling
Athlete – Jayden Gay
Date:  December 1, 2021
Name of Event: Junior Pan American Games 2021

Location of event: Cali, Colombia

Barbados’ Greco wrestler Jayden Gay, did not have a chance to settle in his 130 kg match against Juan Torres from Panama. Competing at the Inaugural Junior Pan American Games in Cali Colombia, Gay took to the ring and received a throw before he could establish any true position with his opponent. Torres got both his hands under Gay’s for under hooks and then in a suplex style executed his scoring takedown on the Bajan athlete. 

In Greco wrestling, one is not allowed to throw the opponent off-balance by targeting the opponent’s legs using your own legs and thus throws are done using the upper body in a suplex manner. The second decisive throw came moments afterwards which ended the Bajan hopes of extending the match and he went down 0-9. 

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