About Us

About Us

During the month of October 2018, the Barbados Olympic Association (BOA) worked diligently to formulate a revived Barbados Athletes’ Commission. Today we are a seven-member group of past and current national athletes from various sports whose collective goal is to be a voice for our nation’s athletes. We serve as a link between athletes and the BOA, to represent and communicate the needs of national athletes.  My Team 246 has been created by athletes for athletes. An initiative by the Barbados Athletes’ Commission with the goal of increasing support to our national athletes by providing the necessary tools to allow them to learn, connect, share, and grow! 

Who We Are

The Athletes Commission is an established forum for all elite athletes who have represented Barbados at international multi-sport competitions such as the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Pan American Games and the Central American and Caribbean Games and by extension our national athletes. 

Meet the Team – Commission Members

Anicia Wood

Volleyball/ Beach Volleyball – Chair

What we do

The mission of the Commission is to represent the views of Athletes and make their voice heard within the BOA.

The Commission’s main objectives are:

  1. to represent the interests of athletes on and off the field
  2. engage national athletes in activities and projects to support their development 
  3. and advise the BOA Board of Directors on matters affecting athletes.

Strategic Goals

  1. Promote the awareness of the Athletes’ Commission
    Educate national federations and national athletes about the function and purpose of the Athletes’ Commission.
  2. Market national athletes & promote athlete successes
    Increase public knowledge of our national Athletes’ and increase their visibility along with their achievements.
  3. Support Athlete development and participation
    Provide the tools needed for athletes to develop on and off the field and support athlete preparation prior to games.
  4. Ensure Athlete Representation
    Consider all issues related to athletes, ensure their viewpoints are represented and make related recommendations to the BOA.
  5. Empower Athletes’ Commission Involvement in the Olympic Movement
    Maintain connection with regional and international Olympic organizations with matters relating to the Athletes’ Commission and the Olympic Movement.

Barbados Athletes Commission Charter

Nominees for July 7, 2022 Elections

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